Do you want natural-looking strands? Then the balayage coloring technique is just right for you. With the balayage technique, the roots remain darker and the highlights are accentuated with a lighter tone. No other hair coloring technique looks so natural, fresh and vibrant. To achieve this natural result, stylists need a lot of practice, experience and a great deal of color knowledge.

Balayage can be used on any hair color. Regardless of whether you want to freshen up your natural hair color or want a completely new hair color, a balayage from MIREL FRISEURE will make you an eye-catcher. Since there are no straight lines, the color looks fresh and well-groomed even after weeks, and with miracle products like Olaplex or Smartbond, the health of your hair is completely preserved.


Calligraphy, the art of beautiful writing, inspired Frank Brormann to develop a new, revolutionary cutting technique - the Calligraphy Cut.
This new cutting method makes the hair stronger, shinier and less prone to split ends. The Calligraphy Cut creates fuller hair that feels noticeably soft and comfortable. Experience unprecedented movement in your daily styling, making every hairstyle flexible and easy to style.
The technique – inspired by the flower: “Please cut the flowers at an angle at home. And just don’t use scissors!” – Who hasn’t heard this sentence from a florist a hundred times? But why actually? The reason is simple: With a knife you automatically cut at an angle - the flower stems retain their elasticity and are not crushed. Scissors always cut straight - this causes the ends to become blunt and lose their dynamism. As with the flower, which can absorb more water due to the enlarged cut surface, the hair also gains three times its surface area due to the slanted cut. The result: The hair gains more body, becomes more flexible and lively.


L’Oréal’s exclusive partnership with top salons stands for maximum know-how and the highest level of expertise in the field of coloring. COLORXPERT is the highest award for salons that shine through regular training, a first-class product range and consistent implementation of the holistic consulting and salon concept. We are pleased about this great recognition of our achievements and are proud to be among the best in the coloring industry. As a COLORXPERT salon we offer you more!

We offer maximum know-how and the highest level of expertise in the area of coloring! L'Oréal Professionnel continually supports us with detailed information and inspiration for coloring. The COLORXPERT certificate recognizes us as one of the best in the coloring industry and guarantees unique results, individual and creative for every type!

In cooperation with Germany's most renowned hairdressing schools, the COLORXPERT salons receive first-class training: exclusive information, the latest creative coloring techniques and differentiating marketing ideas are on the program. In the individual Diplôme COLORXPERT seminar from L'Oréal Professionnel, we are introduced to innovative techniques, provide perfect advice and promote our own creativity. The coloring service at MIREL FRISEURE is further perfected through the COLORXPERT program. Up-to-date and with the most creative results in line with the latest trends in fashion and lifestyle, we can advise you even more competently and intensively - for pure enthusiasm and satisfaction.


Permanent hair straightening smoothes the hair structure and makes it silky and supple. The health and perfection of the hair is preserved by using a formaldehyde-free formula. All hairstyles that you couldn't wear before because of waves or unruly hair suddenly fit perfectly. Hair straightening saves you from having to use a straightener every day and therefore a lot of time in the morning for the next 6 to 12 months. Then the naturally regrown hair should be straightened again. This hair transformation is suitable for women and men with curly or undisciplined hair who want easy-to-style, straight, smooth and shiny hair right down to the tips. Experience this hair transformation and secure a consultation appointment with us.